Nat Damon

“…learning is both cognitive and emotional. In order get to the cognitive, you've got to open up the heart. And in order to challenge students, you've got to have them know in their hearts that you believe in them. And if the student knows that you, as a teacher, believe in him or her, they will absolutely work for that teacher."

Trishla Jain

“The tools that we have currently to connect with each other, whether that's a simple phone call, a text message, a conversation, or any form of interaction on the web aren't working... people feel more lonely than ever and less connected... you really have to start with one meaningful conversation."

Satya Nadella and Kathleen Hogan

"Nobody wants to fail for failure's sake, but you can fail and learn and get better. And being able to coach one through that process I think is probably one of the most important leadership exercises. That's what creates energy." —Satya

"We engaged a lot of people before we declared what our “aspire to culture” is; which is this growth mindset really focused on being customer obsessed, more diverse and inclusive, and one Microsoft." —Kathleen

Jeremy Bailenson

"I teach a professional issues class here at Stanford, where I help the graduate students think about how to be a professional—not just a student—and how to think about the job market. One of the lessons is just: be nice to people."

Peter Principato

“'s all about communication. To really rise through this business, you have to be somebody... that has a way of understanding people. Being able to navigate, being able to read a room, being able to read a person. Know when to shut your mouth. Know when to open your mouth.”