THE INTENTION OF THIS PODCAST is that we learn—if we want to—from a whole variety of sources, stories, and experiences that we hear from others. These episodes present a set of insights that you will hopefully be able to think about and apply to your conversations, whether in the workplace, at home, or anywhere that you care about making a difference.

My guests share conversations that have made a difference in their lives. Perhaps some of the conversations didn't go so well and made a negative difference in their lives. This podcast engages people from all walks of life. People who have made a positive impact and, in some cases, have achieved fame or notoriety.

Ultimately, I'm inviting you to listen for the learning. Because whether it's the people who are interviewed, or whether it's you, we're all the same when it comes down to what conversations do in our lives. And that is the essence of this podcast.

Sheryl Sandberg


Daniel Pink

business thinker | writer

Steve Leder

senior Rabbi | Writer




Atul Gawande

surgeon | writer | researcher

Lena Waithe

writer | actor

Christopher Noxon


Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson

CEO | in-n-out burger

Jessie Kornberg

president/ceo bet tzedek